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Welcome to the John Galt Line!

The John Galt Line operates over 1900 miles of main track in Southern Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah. In addition to on-system shipping, our interchange portals at Denver, Phoenix, Salt Lake City and Yeso offer easy access to the international marketplace.

The John Galt Line exists to serve your transportation needs. Our mission is to provide fast, dependable, safe and efficient service at the most economical rates possible.

Contact our Customer Service representatives today to find out how the John Galt Line can serve you!

• Always expect a train on any track at any time.
• Never get trapped on a grade crossing.
• Never race a train.
• Never drive around closed or closing crossing gates.
• Never underestimate a train's speed or distance.
• Never trespass on railroad tracks.
• Always watch for a second train.
The John Galt Line Railroad Company
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